Marea is the story of a girl who feels most at peace by the sea.

Although her days are filled with obligations, she daydreams about her favorite places in the world and memories spent with loved ones. She is beautiful inside and out, she is feminine, she nurtures her soul through creativity and fills her life with people and experiences that bring her joy.  

MAREA, as defined by the rising and falling of the sea, creates a glow that is brought to life through her connection to nature.  

Like the sun, she is life giving. Like the moon, she is magnetic. Like the tide, she is rising and she is falling. To know her is to love her, to wear her is to become her. 

She is Marea.  

Designed by Liz Joy and her Team in Connecticut each piece is created and designed with care and love.
Our lightweight cotton and linen pieces and handwoven bags and shoes are all ethically handmade in India and Morocco.

Marea is proud to partner with amazing female founded businesses.

These independent artisans put their hearts and passion into their handmade work and we are honored to offer these stunning pieces on Marea.