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About Marea

Marea by Liz Joy is a female founder-led lifestyle brand that seamlessly blends timeless style with a carefully curated sense of joy. Liz, the creative force behind the influential online community Pure Joy Home, embarked on the journey of creating Marea after fostering heartfelt connections with thousands of women over 13 years. These women shared an outspoken passion for timeless clothing. Grounded in the essence of real-life experiences, Marea transcends being just a brand; it stands as a dynamic celebration of women's individuality and the art of timeless fashion.

At Marea, we believe in the transformative power of a well-curated wardrobe. Each collection has been thoughtfully designed to seamlessly provide a myriad of possibilities for the modern woman's daily ensemble. Liz's unique perspective and intimate understanding of women's fashion, gained through the lens of Pure Joy Home, comes to life in Marea.

Inspired by the genuine connections forged within the Pure Joy Home community, Marea is a testament to the evolution of style, personal expression, and the joy found in every moment. Join us on this journey, where Marea becomes not just a brand, but a cherished companion in the pursuit of sartorial bliss. Welcome to a world where fashion, life and joy collide – this is Marea by Liz Joy.