Hi! I'm Liz Joy...

... the founder of Marea. If I could pack a suitcase for every woman in my life, the pieces you see here would fill every square inch. The dresses, the hats, the shoes, the jewelry, it seamlessly all pairs so beautifully together and she has her pick of the perfect outfit each day. Imagine Marea as if I packed your suitcase for your dream wardrobe.

It all started 13 years ago...

... when I began an online community called Pure Joy Home. Throughout the years I have had the unique experience of connecting with thousands of women, with real life motherhood and style always
at the forefront. I have gotten to know the intimate details of women’s fashion through the lens of this community, and now it is my time to create my very own version, Marea.

Marea is a lifestyle brand that fits our casual days and evenings by the sea. Our pieces are versatile and comfortable, and embody feminine, effortless, and classic elegance. When our Marea woman wears these pieces, she glows from the inside

We are so glad you’re here, welcome to Marea.


Global Influence

We are proud to represent many different arts and cultures from around the world through our unique and ethically sourced products.

Costal Vibes

Each piece is inspired by a coastal beach lifestyle, easy, breezy, and beautiful for a life well loved.

One of a kind

We are proud to partner with independent artisans who put their hearts and passion into their handmade work.