Woven Tote Bag / Wilma

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Our fair trade Wilma woven tote bag is beautifully hand dyed and handwoven from sisal (cactus) fiber and comes with leather shoulder straps. Container or utility baskets like these are durable and can be put to multiple uses, such as: a beach bag, carry-on or weekender, crafting or knitting caddy, farmer's market basket, grocery or shopping bag, hamper or laundry basket, handbag or tote, home decor basket, laptop carrier, picnic basket, pot planter, tabletop centerpiece, or for storage, to name a few! Sisal is a sustainable renewable resource derived from the Agave plant, that is a 100% biodegradable alternative to plastic. As a natural fiber, it has properties similar to other eco-friendly materials like bamboo and hemp. Dimensions: 13"x18" Materials: sisal, leather

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