La Soula

Kim DeTomasis, or Kim La Soula, as we call her is a special gift to humanity. Being around her you just absorb her positive and uplifting energy, truly! She walks into our studio and you just see her eyes and smile, and sun kissed skin (actually she rides her adorable beach cruiser and parks it right outside) and she’s always bearing gifts of diamonds and gold. I mean, can you imagine a better friend?! 

We are SO excited to be partnering with this beautiful woman and bringing an exclusive collection to the Marea community. 

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“La Soula” is the name of her jewelry line, which comes from “The Soul” of Kim, a place that recognizes the silver linings of life that reflects in all of her daily work.

Kim comes from the fashion world as being a small boutique buyer for her own E-Commerce boutique, with concentration on the garment and accessory staples that pull a woman together for the everyday comfort, but CHIC lifestyle.

The La Soula Jewelry line was then created with the same thought process in mind of comfort marries chic for an effortless beauty and often thought of as “the everyday diamond line”. Each collection was designed to become the jewelry wardrobe essentials. The MUST HAVES. The FAVORITES. The GO TO pieces! The ones you wear...everyday.