The Ancient Art of Woodblocking

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Marea garments are constructed using the ancient art of woodblocking. Woodblocking is the process of hand printing patterns on textiles using carved wooden blocks. This process is the slowest and most traditional form of textile design in fashion and creates highly artistic and beautiful pieces that modern printing cannot replicate.

Woodblocking Photo

Your Marea dress begins in design. Each piece is sketched to create the silhouette, pattern, and colors for the garment. The sketch is provided to our artisans in India where the fabric creation takes place. The first step is the carving of the wooden blocks. Multiple wooden blocks are hand carved to create each element of the pattern. These individual blocks contain a single element of the pattern. The process of hand carving the blocks takes about two weeks.

Each block is transferred to the fabric one at a time in order to layer the colors of the pattern. This hand printed process is a true art form, layering the elements and colors one by one. Once the fabric has been hand printed, the fabric is then off to be constructed into your Marea dress where the fabric is cut and sewn to create the unique silhouette of your Marea dress.

Harbor Dress

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